Sipadan Island Diiving: Green Turtle Capital of the World

The Drop Off Is one of the best places for diving at Sipadan Island. Many divers, who have already visited many dive sites around the world, unanimously agree that the Drop Off is the world’s best shore dive. A steep drop (its depth is 600 meters) can be found just 10 meters from the shore. However the allowed diving depths range from 15 to 30 meters....

Sipadan Dive Sites: Mid Reef, North Point, South Point, and Staghorn Crest

Mid Reef Mid Reef is one of the most beautiful dive sites around Sipadan Island in Malaysia. Here you can find the most diverse corals that grow at Sipadan. The depth ranges from 5 to 40 meters and visibility reaches 25 meters. This dive site is suitable for experienced divers, as the beginners can hardly cope with strong underwater currents. Descending along the wall formed by...

Sipadan Island Dive Sites

Sipadan Island is famous all over the world as a travel destination which enjoys wide popularity with divers. The island is located in the Celebes Sea not far from Borneo Malaysia. Sipagan is Malaysia’s only oceanic island. Its territory is covered by lush forests and fringed with beautiful white sand beaches. However, Sipadan Island is considered to be a natural reserve and here there are no...

Diving at Sipadan Island, Malaysia

One of the legendary dive destinations is the oceanic island of Sipadan in Malaysia. About forty years ago the world-famous diver Jacques-Yves Cousteau declared that had never before seen such a primeval and beautiful underwater world. Since then numerous beginning and experienced divers have been flocking to Sipadan Island to see these underwater beauties with their own eyes. The underwater world of the island is...

Dive Travel Destinations

Divers have an opportunity to go in for their favorite kind of sports practically all over the world – from the Norwegian Fjords to the Great Barrier Reef. The only question is the following: What is the diver eager to get as a result of his descending? Is he a thrill-seeker? Or does we want to see beautiful underwater landscapes, caves and grottoes? And maybe...

October Beach Vacations

If you longing to go to vacations, but cannot afford a luxurious travel destination, you may go to Tunisia, which has always been a budget travel destination. Moreover, it is suitable for spending your long-waited October vacations. Here you can enjoy wonderful summer weather – the air temperature rises up to +86 °F, and the water usually warms up to +78 °F. In...

Beach Vacations: Top Best Travel Destinations to Visit in October

In Thailand the season of rains comes to an end in September and travel agencies start selling the first inexpensive vacation packages to different resorts of this country which enjoys wide popularity with tourists from all over the world. Thailand beach season begins in October. This period is suitable for those tourists who are not afraid of warm summer rains, which...

Beach Vacations: Top Worst Travel Destinations to visit in October

October is coming. If you had no opportunity to spend your vacations in summer, don’t get upset. Autumn is a good time for having a rest as well. The most important thing when planning autumn vacations is the right choice of travel destination. Firstly, let’s discuss the most unfavorable places to spend vacations in autumn. Choosing a suitable travel destination is the first step towards...

Weekends in Europe. Iceland and Netherlands

Akureyri, Iceland Akureyri is the second largest city in Iceland, the country which is rich in magnificent landscapes and virgin natural beauties. This city is located in the western part of the longest fjord in the country and surrounded by regularly shaped mountains. Akureyri can easily compete with the capital city of Iceland in the number of natural landmarks and geographical attractions. In addition, this city...

Weekends in Europe. Spain and France

This post will be interesting and useful for those travelers who have already been to the biggest European cities such as Paris, Rome and Madrid but still have hunger for traveling around Europe. Here you can find the list of travel destinations which have been chosen for this category of tourists. Hidden pearls of Old Europe are waiting for inquisitive travelers. Jerez de la Frontera, MORE >>
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