Weekends in Europe. Spain and France

This post will be interesting and useful for those travelers who have already been to the biggest European cities such as Paris, Rome and Madrid but still have hunger for traveling around Europe. Here you can find the list of travel destinations which have been chosen for this category of tourists. Hidden pearls of Old Europe are waiting for inquisitive travelers. Jerez de la Frontera, MORE >>

Vacations in Alicante, Spain

Alicante is a Spanish city located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. It is the center of the province of the same name in the autonomous region of Valencia. Alicanta is situated on the Costa Blanca and is considered to be one of the most popular and hospitable resorts of Valencia and the center of fishing, export of fish and seafood. Founded by ancient the...

4 Best Thermal Baths in Budapest, Hungary

Szechenyi Thermal Bath The Szechenyi Medicinal Bath is the largest medicinal bath not only in Budapest, but also in the whole Europe. Built in 1913, the bath can be found in the City Park. There is a great number indoor and open swimming pools with thermal water, also you can find one open swimming pool for sportsmen. All the pools are of different temperature (80-100 °F)....

Budapest: Travel Guide

The capital of Hungary is extremely rich in architectural monuments. Thousands of tourists travel to Budapest to visit dozens of art, historical and ethnographic museums, exhibition halls and picture galleries. The Budapest Parliament Building is considered to be the symbol of the city. Budapest is an extremely beautiful city with a span of tourist attractions, however, most part of the tourists travel to the capital...

One Day in Monaco Ville

Monaco Ville is one of the oldest cities in the Principality of Monaco. It is sometimes mistakingly called the capital of the country. However, as a matter of fact there is no a capital city in Monaco. There are 10 districts – 10 little parts of the tiny Principality. Monaco Ville is built on the rocky headland which is 60 meters high and extends into...

Passion for Luxury: Hotel Hermitage Monte-Carlo 5*, Monte-Carlo, Monaco

Built at the beginning of the last century, the Hotel Hermitage Monte-Carlo 5* is of the most colorful erections in the style of the ”Belle Epoque”. This is not simply a hotel but a historical monument of Monte-Carlo. The Hotel Hermitage Monte-Carlo is one of the most prestigious and luxurious hotels in Monaco on the French Riviera. This is an ideal place for comfortable and...

Hotels of Monaco

Monaco is one of the most luxurious and expensive travel destinations in the world. That’s why you can hardly count on the budged vacations in the principality. Even the cheapest hotels in Monte-Carlo, Monaco Ville, La Condamine or Fontvieille are quite expensive in comparison to similar hotels located in other tourist countries. For example, a room without bathroom and breakfast in a 2* hotel will...

Travel Info: The Principality of Monaco

The Principality of Monaco, or simply Monaco, is a tiny sovereign city-state located on the French Riviera in Western Europe on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. The territory of Monaco is composed of 4 districts: Monaco-Ville (also know as The Rock), Monte Carlo, Fontvieille, and La Condamine. Each of the areas is rich in tourist attractions. Monaco-Ville Monaco-Ville is the old town of Monaco. It is...

Top 5 Attractions in Skopje

Old Town of Skopje The Old Town of Skopje is virtually the territory of the former bazaar, that’s why it is often called the Old Bazaar. It was built in the 12th century. This is a picturesque place with numerous cafes, stalls, and little shops. The Old Town is the center of the city. This is a wonderful place for having a walk and drinking a...

Skopje Zoo, Skopje, Macedonia

The Skopje Zoo’s story started with the initiative of a young and ambitious scientist Stanko Karaman almost a hundred years ago. The famous biologist started the business from scratch. He had just a scrap of ground and several animals. It took the Skopje Zoo several long decades to become one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city. And it took a lot of...
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